Tuesday, October 1st

09:00-10.45Session: Industries – mini-presentations. Advertising (ISIC 7311)
Session leader: Christian Puchter (Austria) | slides
Output: Agnieszka Matulska-Bachura (Poland)
SPPI: Agnieszka Matulska-Bachura (Poland) | paper | slides, Itsik Tal (Israel) | paper | slides, Cristina Cecconi (Italy) |paper | slides, Yann Leurs (France) | paper | slides
Discussant: Susanna Tåg (Finland) | slides
10:45-11.15Coffee break
11.15-11:45Session Cross Cutting Topic (2) -Digital advertising activities in service industries (outside advertising)
Session leader: Dorothee Blang (Germany)
Presentation: Moegi Inoue (Bank of Japan) | slides
11:45-12:15 Session Cross cutting topic (3) New short term indicators on Services – FRIBS
Session leader: Jakob Kalko. VG co-chair
Presentation: Thomas Jaegers (Eurostat) | slides
12:15-12:30 IMF Data For Decisions Project on SPPIs. Andrew Baer | slides
13.30-15.15Session: Industries- minipresentations. Short term accommodation (ISIC 5510)
Session leader: Dorothee Blang (Germany) | slides Output : Ramon Bravo (Mexico) | paper | slides , Babro Von Hofsten (Sweden) | paper | slides
SPPI: Dragos Ifrim (Canada) | paper | slides , Ildiko Hamvainé Holocsy (Hungary) | paper | slides , Maria Velasco Gimeno (Spain) | paper | slides
Discussant: Ulla Virtanen (Finland) | slides
15:15-15:45Coffee break
15:45-17:00Session: Cross Cutting Topic (4) – Modern Methods
– PPI visualization tool – Marcus Friden (Sweden)
– Transformation of the process of GDP calculation in the UK and Practical demonstration of new deflator tool. Rebecca Keane-Craig Taylor (UK) |slides