Monday, September 30th

08:30-09:00Registration, refreshments
09.00-09.15Welcome Remarks by Director General, INSEE
09:15-10:30 Opening Remarks & Meeting Agenda Overview | slides – Voorburg Group co-chairs: Participant introductions – All
10:30-11.00Coffee break
11:00-11:15Country Progress Reports – John Murphy – US Census | slides
11:15-11:30 Session: Sector Papers 
Session leader: Voorburg Group Co-chairs 
ISIC, 71.1 (only presentation, no paper). Jakob Kalko (VG)/Maja Dozet (Croatia) | Slides: output | Slides: SPPI
11:30-12:15 Session: Issues Papers
Data processing, hosting and related activities (ISIC 63.11). Christian Stock (Austria) | paper | slides
13:15-14.45Session: Issues papers continued
Intermediation in the provision of services (John Murphy, US Census) | paper | slides
Export of services (Jakob Kalko, co-chair Voorburg group) | slides

Session: Cross Cutting Topic (1) – SPPIs by customer sector
Session leader: Andrew Baer (IMF) |slides
Presentations : Rohan Draper/Marcus Friden (Sweden) | paper |slides, Ildiko Hamvainé Holocsy (Hungary) | paper | slides, Jean-Marie Fournier (France) | paper | slides – followed by small group discussions
14:45-15.15Coffee Break
15:15-16:30Session: Cross cutting topics (1) continued
Small group discussions – and group reports out
6:30-17.00 Input to future agenda (Voorburg Group co-chairs)
Future Agenda | slides
17:00-19.30Group photo + cocktail reception